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About Faculte Craan D'Haiti

In 1950, Julien Craan Sr. founded the Ecole de Commerce Julien Craan. This school was a pioneer in the disciplines offered. Several generations were formed following modules in the secretarial field, typing, shorthand, office work and accounting.

Daniel Mario Craan, son of Julien Craan was the laureate of the first class accounting. He became teacher, then accountant, and school director until 1982 when he decided to leave the family institution to create its own school: the Collège de Comptabilité de Gestion et d’Informatique (CCGI). In 1970, Mario and his bride Craan Marylise Fadoul Zenni Craan became the sales representatives of IBM Company in Haiti. Teacher training, sale and repair of machinery were among others the IBM Key Punch activities that closed in 1996. Mario was also the one who introduced the computer for the first time in Haiti.

On January 11, 1982, associated with Marylise Craan and Me. Jean Baptiste Colbert, Mario Craan officially opens the CCGI and offers study programs in Secretariat, Computer, Accounting and Management. This institution needs no introduction. His fame due to its leading position in the sector spans multiple generations until today.

Just before he died November 10, 1996, Mario founded with his wife the Faculty Craan of Haiti who gets his authorization from the Ministry of Education on July 12, 1994. But the FCH has started operate in January 1996. FCH offers to the students a university-level education because CCGI has the format of a professional and business school.

Actually, FCH is a corporation and offers associated and master degree programs in Business Management, in Accounting Sciences and Public Administration.

La FCH une Institution d’excellence, offre un programme de Licence dans les domaines suivants : -

  • Gestion des Affaires
  • Science Comptables

Session en Novembre et en Mars 5 h pm

Vacation matin et soir – Lundi au Vendredi
CCGI / Faculté Craan d’Haïti

  • La moyenne est de 70 / 100 par matière pour tous les cours
  • A l’inscription, l’étudiant doit acquitter : l’inscription, le Premier Mois et soumettre un Photo d’Identité, l’Acte de Naissance (original et Copie), Bac I et II, et la Photocopie de la Carte d’Identité.
  • Les Frais Annuels doivent être payés 3 Jours avant la rentrée. Pour être admis à suivre les cours l’Etudiant doit être en règle avec l’Economat.
  • Aucun cas de non paiement ne sera pris en considération.

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